Meet The Connelly Family
Stephen J & Jamie L Connelly
Our Children

Jamie’s Children:

                Amanda, Peterson             Birth date: August 7th 1981

                   Spouse: Debra      Married: January 13th 2007


          Ashley Peterson-Hannon   Birth date: December 29th 1986

                   Spouse: Josh          Married: September 16th 2006

                   Children:      Azalea age 4, Vincent age 1, Xavier 1 month


          Alexander PetersonBirth date: March 3rd 1988


Steve’s Children:

          Cheryl Moore         Spouse: Steve

                   Children:      Malcolm age: 11      Dominick age 10

Isiah age 8   Marsolone Age 6    JoJo age 5     Macy age


          Amanda Beyers       Spouse: Steve

                   Children:      Lucas age 4  Maddie age 2


          Zechariah Connelly           Birth date:   July 28th 1985

                   Spouse: Megan       Married June 24th 2006


          Michael Connelly (Zeke)   Birth Date:   October 30 1987

          Spouse: Jennifer  Married June 22nd 2007


          Alexander Connelly          Birth Date August 4 1989



          Kathryn Connelly (Murphy)        Birth date: August 5th 1993


          Chase Connelly                 Birth date:   October 19th 1995

    Steve & Jamie's Babies:

    Anhueser Connelly  age 5   

Michelob Connelly age 4 (Mickey)


So There you have it. Yes 10 Children,  11 Grandchildren  and that is it for right now or that we know of. I am sure there are more to come.

This shot is a couple of years old but give you a good Idea what Holidays can be like around here....LOL.

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