Meet The Connelly Family
Stephen J & Jamie L Connelly
Zeke's Adventures Around the World
On July 9th of 2007 Zeke set sail on his first prolonged Deployment Overseas. The only destinations they were sure of was Spain, BaHuran and DeBias. His ship the USS Gettysburg would be escorting the USS Enterprise into the Persian Gulf. Jamie and I as well as his little brother Chase his grandparents and his new wife of one week Jennifer were able to tour the Gettysburg and watch it set sail. Here are some Pictures of his ship and his leaving

In about 2 weeks I recieved a phone call....I know it was Zeke calling from Spain to say he made it across the Pond. He was in Spain and doing well. He was there about 5 days. Here are some pictures he sent.

Zeke Stated that These were from a palace he visited while he was there. He did not have pictures of the Beach he visited but just as well this is a family site. He is now out at sea again we wait anxouisly for his next email or phone call.

Zeke sent these that were shot while they are underway. The ship in the picture is the USS Enterprise.

For those who want to contact him please do he truly enjoys reading your emails or letters and you can send him small packages as well ( Baked goods or canned Ravioli..LOL)
His address is as follows
Snail Mail   STGSA Micheal Ezekial Connelly,USN
                         USS Gettysburg
                         Dept. Weapons ICA
                         FPO AA., 34191-1184

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